Skilled and Certified Interpreters for All Your Language Needs

Navigating a world primarily operated in a language you don’t speak or read can be immensely stressful. Partnering with our skilled and certified language interpreter services will help you and your clients communicate effectively and with less struggle.

Language Services Beyond the Basics

Language Connection Linguists seek to bridge the gap created by language barriers. Communication is the key to successfully navigating a world full of new experiences and information. Accurate, dependable, and compassionate interpretation and translation services open doors otherwise closed because of language barriers.

Tolú Tahmassbi, spanish medical interpreter
Tolú Tahmassbi: Owner

Types of Interpreter Services

At Language Connection, we provide flexible interpreter solutions tailored to diverse scenarios and requirements. Each service type adheres to high standards of quality and confidentiality.

For real-time, face-to-face communication needs such as business meetings, medical appointments, or legal consultations, our on-site interpreters offer specialized expertise in various fields. Their physical presence ensures immediate clarification and high levels of engagement.

When immediate but remote interpretation is required, our Over-the-Phone Interpreter (OPI) services offer a quick and effective solution. Ideal for emergency scenarios or when geographical limitations are a concern, our phone interpreters maintain the same stringent quality standards as our on-site personnel.​

Utilizing technological advancements, our Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) services offer remote interpreting with a visual component. This is beneficial for group settings or interactions that require visual cues for effective communication.

Expert Language Solutions

With over 26 years in the medical, legal and education industry and with certifications granted by The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters, you can rest assured that the experience will reflect a rare level of professionalism. Accuracy in interpretation is more than conveying words on their own but also includes the tone and pitch to communicate better meaning that may be lost through traditional interpretation.

Phone Interpreting, Video Interpreting, and In-Person Interpreting.

Medical, Legal, Business and Education Translation Services.

Individual and small groups. All ages! Conversational to medical terminology.

We have very talented voiceover artists so let us know what your project is about!

We Specialize in These Industries


Ensure precise communication in healthcare settings. Choose our medical interpreter services for compassion and accuracy.

Social Services

Bridge the communication gap between providers and clients. Trust in culturally sensitive interpreters for effective dialogue when you need it.


Navigate complex legal jargon with utmost confidence with our certified legal interpreters to assure clarity and precision for your case.


Expand your global footprint without compromising nuance. Engage expert interpreters for seamless cross-border conversations.


Make educational content accessible to all students of any age group. Utilize specialized interpreter services to break down language barriers.

Any Business

Regardless of your industry, let communication be an asset, not an obstacle. Partner with experts for universal language solutions.

What Makes Us Different?

Our linguists have the skill sets and experience to communicate in written language as well as spoken. The difference in these skills comes down to the difference between translation – the shift between languages in the written word and interpretation – the change between languages in the spoken word. These different types of linguistic communications can make all the difference in a medical or business interaction, understanding legal documents and learning new information presented in a language other than your native tongue.

About Us

Language Connection bridges the language gaps found in business and medical interactions. Compassion and understanding lead our conduct.

Language Connection wishes to furnish quality interpretation, translation and language services to provide better outcomes for your patients, clients and customers.

Our Language providers are top-notch and qualified or certified in their field. They have all the skill sets fundamental to deliver a successful outcome. They possess a higher register in both languages and will convey the message accurately, thoroughly and promptly. We provide stellar and superior language services for our clients!

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