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Language Connection bridges the language gaps found in business and medical interactions. Compassion and understanding lead our conduct.

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Language Connection wishes to furnish quality interpretation, translation and language services to provide better outcomes for your patients, clients and customers.

Our Language providers are top-notch and qualified or certified in their field. They have all the skill sets fundamental to deliver a successful outcome. They possess a higher register in both languages and will convey the message accurately, thoroughly and promptly. We provide stellar and superior language services for our clients!

Language Connection - Language Services

Tolú Tahmassbi is the founder and primary language specialist behind Language Connection. She has been active in the interpretation industry for medical and business needs for over 24 years. She has spent 17 years teaching students of the Lake Oswego School District the intricacies of the Spanish language. Below you will find a summary of the services Tolú can provide. For further information, check out the Services page or set up a consultation today. 

Passionate Service and Care

Tolú is a passionate linguist that strives for the highest quality of service and the most memorable experience for her clients. She is a world traveler, an animal rights activist and a mother whose drive to create a better world with more robust communication options ensures that only the best results are delivered for you and your clients.

Simultaneous Interpretation

As a native English and Spanish speaker, Tolú is fluent in these languages and more. She specializes in Simultaneous Interpretation, which means she can interpret in real-time without losing any non-verbal cues. The traditional or consecutive translation focuses on the specific words without considering the context and inflections.

Language Education

With nearly two decades of teaching experience, Tolú is a highly sought-after instructor for Spanish education. Whether you’re looking to learn from scratch or book her services for some occasional tutoring, she has the skills to ensure you understand the language like a native.

Further, because she has taught Spanish professionally, she understands how most people learn a language best. Since not all students learn the same, having this kind of experience will make your educational experience more accessible and less stressful.

"We strive to provide the best translation and interpretation services to provide our clients with a better customer experience and outcomes."
- Tolú Tahmassbi

Certifications, Degrees, and Experience

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Certification #1

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Certification #12

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