General Interpreter Jobs Portland, Oregon

Join Language Connection as a General Interpreter in Portland, Oregon, serving diverse sectors including legal, educational, and business. Benefit from professional development, competitive compensation, and flexible scheduling. Apply today.
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    The Importance of Interpretation in Diverse Communities

    Language Connection extends an invitation to qualified individuals to join our team of General Interpreters in Portland, Oregon. These independent contractor roles are indispensable across a multitude of sectors, including but not limited to, the legal, educational, and business spheres. Given Portland’s diverse and growing population, your skills are more critical than ever to maintain and enhance the quality of interactions within these sectors.

    Professional Development and Skill Enhancement

    We urge you to take this opportunity for professional development seriously. Language Connection provides a conducive environment for skill enhancement and networking, ensuring that you continue to grow within your field. Our commitment to high-quality service makes us a preferred choice for interpretation services, thereby providing you with an avenue for meaningful work.

    Contribute to Community and Career Growth.

    This is a call to action for skilled individuals who can rise to the occasion and fulfill this essential societal role. By joining Language Connection, you will be contributing to more than just your personal career growth; you will be enhancing cross-cultural communication and understanding within the broader community of Portland, Oregon.

    Act now to seize this timely opportunity. Your skills are needed, and the impact of your work can be both immediate and far-reaching.

    Why Work with Us?

    • Impactful Work: Play a pivotal role in ensuring that every individual, regardless of language proficiency, receives the services they deserve.
    • Diverse Community: Work in a multicultural environment, connecting with professionals from various backgrounds and experiences.
    • Competitive Compensation: We offer one of the best pay scales in the state, recognizing the value of your expertise.
    • Flexible Scheduling: If you’re a freelance, we have a range of flexible options to suit your needs.


    • Certification: Hold a recognized certification in interpretation or translation. For medical interpreters, certification from the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI) or Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI) is preferred. Legal interpreters should have court interpreter certification.
    • Experience: Minimum of 5 years of professional experience in the respective field (medical, legal, or education).
    • Proficiency: Native or near-native proficiency in English and at least one other language.
    • Professionalism: Ability to maintain confidentiality and adhere to the code of ethics pertinent to the specific field.


    We recognize that every interpreter brings a unique blend of experience, qualifications, and linguistic expertise. Our compensation structure reflects this understanding, ensuring that our rates are competitive in the industry. What truly sets us apart is our foundation: Our company is proudly owned by an Interpreter. This means we have an intrinsic understanding of the value interpreters bring and are committed to compensating them fairly and appropriately. Join our team that truly values your skills and contributions.

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